Why Outdoor Advertising?

Why is Outdoor Advertising  important? The truth is that a vibrant Out of Home Industry in any country supports the marketing of almost every industry and commercial endeavor. It provides an important civic duty in identifying streets, Hospitals, Police Stations and Important Government agencies. It is indispensable where safety is concerned and continues to be creatively used to enhance almost every event.

The Outdoor Advertising industry, through its practitioners, hold that special magic to creatively inform, transform and educate. It adds that colourful fabric to the body of our and any society. In the coming weeks I will be writing more about the history and development of this industry in Jamaica and internationally.

In the meantime, below are some of the most used and simplest forms of Outdoor advertising.

                                                    Popular Outdoor Sign Solutions


From sourcing, great sites to fabrication and erection, Island Outdoor Media Limited (IOM) like most sign companies in Jamaica produces two main types of Billboards.
The first is a standard 21’w x 10’h stationary image Billboard and the other is a Superboard with dimensions of 32’w x10’h also carrying a stationary image. The boards are fabricated using metal posts as uprights and Vinyl Prints for messaging purposes.

The Vinyl production of these signs is done through digital large format printing from high resolution artwork usually at a minimum of 300 dots per inch (DPI).

Companies also produce specialty Billboards in the form of Tri-Media Boards which have a set of prism-like blades allowing for rotation and messaging on three sides within a single frame.

Custom made outdoor boards as well as electronic ones are also produced based on client needs and focus.

Why Billboards

Advantage #1: People Will See It ! Since billboards are generally placed along highways and busy streets, you’ll be guaranteed that people will see your advertising. Also, unlike television commercials or magazine ads, you cannot flip the channel or turn the page on a billboard. Therefore, people will notice the billboard whether they like it or not. Another added benefit is that many people travel the same route repeatedly, such as with their commute to work each day. This means that they’ll see your billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to stick in their minds and advertisers can plan campaigns based on specific demographics and the routes they travel.


 Advantage #2: Customized Placement You can place your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will have the most impact. This can be a big advantage when you have a business you want to draw traffic to  off the main road, or if you have a showroom just down the road. You can also use billboards in areas where reaching people is difficult. An example is rural farming communities spread over vast distances. By placing your billboard advertisement along one of the main roads around the community, you’ll greatly increase your visibility.

Billboards are also more cost effective in terms of reach and targeting your specific markets when compared to, for example,  a full-page adv. in the Newspaper which in Jamaica, costs approximately $128,000.00 per insertion as opposed to Billboard yearly rental of just over $300,000.00. Production Time: Three weeks from approved artwork.


Point of Purchase Displays P.O.P

Used at the time and place of the event

Standard Banners. These can be of varying dimensions and are usually produced on vinyl with grommets at the ends for mounting.

Retractable or Pull Up Banners. This type of banner is usually about 86” x 35” with and is mounted on a system which allows the banner to retract into is casing after use making it easy to manage, mount and carry around.

Feather Banners. Popularly seen at outdoor events and indoor events as well, are made from a particular type of vinyl and then mounted on a flexible telescoping pole which bends with tension, giving the product a feather like or teardrop type shape when mounted. The pole is then driven into the ground or in the case of indoor applications the pole has a weight at the base which allows it stay in place. Production Time: Five days after approved artwork


Aluminum Signs

One of the more popular substrates on which signs are made, because its durable, very rust resistant and can be easily fabricated into any shape. Usually the vinyl is applied to the aluminum with the advertising message and the sign is either mounted on a pole, against a wall or hung.

Very versatile, these signs can be used as road signs, identification signs for stores or schools. They can be single sided or double sided. Production Time: Two weeks after approved artwork


Backlit Signs

Day and night messaging where needed for businesses such as Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants etc. but also applicable for clients who want to extend their identification at night for added reach.

Again, these can be made into any shape, and here the main substrate can be the vinyl itself. A translucent vinyl which is stretched and fitted over a specific type of aluminum extrusion or a substrate called Perspex can also be used. Both substrates can be fitted on appropriate extrusions, forming a sign box which encases bulbs and other electrical fittings that illuminate the signs.

Back-lit signs can be mounted on poles as well they can also be mounted or hung and are available as both single sided or double-sided signs. Production Time: Two weeks after approved artwork.

Next week I will feature some other types of sign solutions and their appropriate applications. Until then….

May you always be aware of great Signs and……Wonders

Carl Gordon is an Outdoor Media Specialist and Managing Director of Island Outdoor Media Limited